Now Accepting requests for waitlist.

 If you would like to be added to my commission wait list,  please email me.

I offer openings first to those on my commission  wait list, then make an announcement to the notification list  of any openings along with posting  here.

 The following information will answer many questions.

 If you need further information please  

email me


Accepting 16” dolls (Sydney, Tyler, Gene, Matt), BJD faceups ( including Jamie Show), Fashion Royalty and I will consider repainting other dolls.

Return shipping is $15 .00 via USPS Priority Mail -international shipping is extra, please email for a quote. 

Sorry, I am not accepting trades. If you have a certain doll in mind for your commission I can try to help locate that sculpt for you.

I will only be accepting commissions on dolls provided by the customer, but I'm happy to help locate a specific doll you might be looking for.

Here are some things to think about:
Eye color
Lip color
Eyeshadow colors
Painted or applied lashes
Straight or side glancing (which direction as you face the doll)
Feel free to show me pictures off my site of things you like—eyebrow shapes, lip shapes, etc…  

Would you like beauty marks, any freckles, tattoos or highlights added to the hair?  


The repaint commission includes:  

*Complete removal of all original face paint

* Handpainted repaint -any facial designs will have an additional fee

*Full basic repaint includes enhanced chest, basic hairstyling (complex styles added fee), painted finger and toenails. (A la Carte options available.)

*Applied or painted lashes

Commissions for a full basic repaint are priced according to time and details requested along with type of doll. Please email with your requests and I will get back to you with pricing.


The BJD Faceup price will include:

*Handpainted faceup (the bjd's in my gallery are all handpainted)

*Applied upper lashes and painted lower lashes

*Glossed or Satin sealed lips and tearducts

*Sealed using several layers of MSC Uv cut Flat

*Pierced ears upon request

Please email for prices on BJD's-determing a price for a BJD will be based on what all you would like done.


Tattoo's can be added upon request. The charges will depend on the work involved for the tattoo-small tattoos start at $50.


If you would like highlights added to a doll please email for the additional charge.  At this time I do not do full reroots. I will add mohair using the troll method.

If you would like a doll done to resemble a celebrity, please email me first, so we can discuss the details. Completing a celebrity repaint takes longer and so will cost more due to the time involved.

I will create dolls with similar coloring and shapes to dolls I have previously done but I will not duplicate a doll exactly, that would not make them OOAK.   Even if I do a doll similar to another one I have repainted they WILL NOT be identical. These are all hand painted and so no two will ever be alike. Please do not email and ask me to duplicate another artist’s work. You may give me the details of what you would like and show me pictures for reference.  **


  **Please send your nude doll secured in her box with her shipper.  If sending more than one doll, please send them in their own boxes so that I can ship them safely home.** 




I will accept layaways with 50% down and 50% upon the dolls completion.  A picture will be sent to you of the completed repaint for your approval.  Other layaway arrangements can be made and must be approved prior to your dolls arrival.  Commissions are considered a final sale. 

Payments accepted: Paypal, checks and money orders.  Final payments made by check will delay shipping while the check clears.

US shipments will be made by USPS Priority mail with insurance and delivery confirmation.

International shipments will be sent by Express Mail International.  


Thank you for your interest in my work!


Warmest Regards,